How many versions of the TCI have been created?

There are three major versions of the TCI, as well as several variations. The major versions are Versions 8, Version 9, and the TCI-R. Versions 8 and 9 have the same TCI items; the only difference lies in the non-TCI items. Both are True/False. The TCI-R uses a 5-point Likert scale.

TCI, version 8
This version has 238 items and is in True/False format. This is the version based on the “Mall Sample” and is reported upon in the 1993 Archives of General Psychiatry articles. In version 8, there are 226 actual TCI items plus the 12-item perceptual aberration/dissociation scale. This version is the TCI version upon which most translations are based. The temperament scales in this version have 90 of the 99 items in the original TPQ; hence, the TPQ cannot be extracted from it.

TCI, version 9
226 TCI items in this version are identical to those in version 8, both in content and in position on the test. The items are True/False. This version, however, has 240 items. It was created to allow the recovery of the TPQ to allow direct comparison with earlier studies using only the TPQ. To accomplish this, we removed the first 9 items from the perceptual aberration/dissociation scale and replaced them with the TPQ items that had been removed in the transition from the TPQ to the TCI. Two of these items were placed at the end of the test as items 239 and 240 in order to allow version 9 to be easily distinguished from its predecessor. While version 8 and version 9 are identical with respect to the 226 TCI items, version 9 has been our standard version because of its expanded scope.

The TCI-R was winnowed from the TCI-295 and, up until 2014, was the latest version of the test. It has 240 items; 235 are TCI items and 5 are validity questions. This version uses a 5-point Likert scale. In this version, 28 items that were in the TCI (version 8/9) have been omitted and 37 new items have been added. Thus, the TCI-R represents a big break in terms of content and none of the former scales can be extracted from it.

This is the expanded version, which started out as True/False and was then transformed to the 5-point Likert Scale to improve psychometrics. This version is no longer available (except in German) but was critical for the transition to the TCI-R.

This is a short version of TCI version 8/9. It contains the top 5 items from each of the 25 sub-scales in the parent versions. It is in T/F format.

This is a short version; it is based on the TCI-295. Carmen Bayon did the work to pull the best 20 items from each TCI domain as found in the TCI-295. This version has a set of items that can only be found in the TCI-295; no other long version of the TCI contains all the items in the TCI-144. This is a Likert scale version. This is the test that has been in use at the WU PET Lab for their brain imaging studies.

This short version is based on the TCI-R and, in fact, consists of the first 140 items of the TCI-R. There are 136 TCI items and 4 validity items.